Marinella Mirata

Marinella was introduced to painting and drawing at an early age.  She then contracted meningitis which left her with multiple physical and learning disabilities.  However, she continued with her art.  In recent years, the physical strain of working in her preferred mediums and methods and the physicality of her technique, has exacerbated her physical disabilities to the extent that she is currently unable to continue to work.  Her family and supporters hope that her works can be seen by and available to a wider audience.

Marinella’s work has been categorised as informal abstract. She worked primarily in oils or acrylic applied by hand and fingers. Her technique involved movement as expressive as the work created.
Examples of her work are exhibited online with “Outside In” at

Category: Painter
Technical: Oil paintings, acrylic
Subjects: Abstract, Informal
Studio: Treviso, Italy
Biography: Mario Sutor; Filippo Chiarello; Nicola Pezzella; Italo Salomon; Vittoria Magno; Sergio Favotto; Ferruccio Gemmellaro wrote about his painting.
Education: “Arno Stern” painting course conducted by Dr. Elise Pasquier.
Contact: Mobile 0039/ 3347868122 or 3470678473
Exhibitions: Since 1998 she has to her credit several solos and group exhibitions.
Marinella Mirata exhibition


“I look for the man,” he sighed Diogenes with a lantern lit in the crowd ….
Me too, disappointed by the art world, I am looking for the artist, one who faces the blank canvas and ride foals of clouds or stretches poppies on paper mache mountains, without ever wondering what is behind the art market and the opinion of conformists.
I saw the works terse and immediate of Marinella with envy of those who spend many words on the theories of colour without grasping the essence. Five jars of delicious shades are the last sacrament of his tormented existence where she dips her fingers so incapacitated in the daily, so simple for us, transfigured in the creative act. Gestures that filter her suspended femininity, the moving parental care, but especially her apparently denied senses . Marinella, from her nest suspended , flies with her silken wings on violet skies and glides, with fingers red strawberry, on hills that only children can climb. We do not speak of course of an artist who claims his genius with theorems and “… isms” complicated; even Pablo Picasso, with its monstrous painting skills, claimed to have spent a lifetime to see the world through the eyes of a child … Paul Klee painted angels with only one eye, one arm and one wing only.
“Angels are sad”, he said, because they are incomplete Entity and have no reason to exist if not fly embracing a human being. ”
Too many artists think they are unique and irreplaceable, they believe to possess the secret of Art, however, willing to play false papers in order to get noticed, betraying the genius who perhaps is hiding in them, ignoring their Spirit Guide. Marinella is “L’esprit libre” that everyone wants to show off, able to shout the joy without restraint, to rise up in fury, to smell the love and distrust with the indubitable instinct of wolves in the forest, able to sink her hands in invisible worlds and see horizons that our stupidity and our distraction believed extinct.
Marinella is there, transfigured, with sensitive fingers shaping the feathers of an angel never seen, all straining to hold up his world of joy.
– Favotto Sergio